Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cornwall Homes 3

Alright, I THINK this is the third installment of this "series" of posts.

First, a quick update. A while back, I had made a post about the Rankin Apartments. As it turns out, my friend Gen pointed out that yes there was indeed a fire at this building, and even a heroic rescue of some of the occupants by some neighbours.

I went back a few weeks ago, and the damage in only visible from the rear of the building. Apparently most of the building has smoke damage.

The following are just a few photos from a walk down Montreal Road, which is in the older section of town. Many houses in this area are in sad states of neglect, but it's a great place to spot some beautiful original house details.

Note the pigeons. They seem to be eerily following me around in several of these shots. This lovely Victorian showcases a wonderful front porch that was scraped down and repainted several years ago. As far as I know, I believe it's rented to two tenants.

My dad had commented to me YEARS ago about how much he loved the details on the shingles of this particular roof. When I saw it in person, I realized that they are actually SLATE, which is pretty rare in Cornwall (AFAIK). The owners (several years ago) capped most of the building in white vinyl siding, and they started to repaint the trim and never finished.

This one is a fairly typical Foursquare with nice siding details in the upper roof portion (note evil pigeon), and a stunningly gorgeous porch with wonderful columns, panels, and windows. I have an up-close detail shot of the porch elsewhere.

This next house is one of my favourites on this stretch of road. The entire house is in a pretty sad state, but the weather-beaten look is part of the reason I like it so much. It looks like it's been completely untouched for decades, except for replacement windows.

It has an original painted tin roof, original gingerbread trim, gorgeous front porch, original blue house numbers, and a painted brick exterior where the red pokes through a bit.

Although I love the look, it does appear to be in dire need of some maintenance. Some of the roof trim is rotted, and it needs some fresh paint in many places.

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