Monday, June 15, 2015

Some Recent Woodworking Projects

About a month ago I did a set of cabinets for a client (a former boss) and I thought I would share a few of the photos here. This will give you a bit of an idea of the kind of quality pine furniture that I used to make at one of my old jobs (2002-2008). These are made of regular "common grade" pine, with the nicest boards used for the panels and doors, and the "less pretty" boards used for the shelves. The backs are store bought t-g. The cabinets were built in his shop, and I'll be able to eventually make my kitchen cabinets in pretty much the same way.

Laminating large panels (shelves in the corner unit):

The cabinets were 3 bookcases divided by 2 blanket boxes to span a wall with 2 windows. These are the three bookcase bodies:

Frame pieces for the blanket box fronts and doors:

A semi-complete blanket box:

This is how the units line up, with the large corner one off on the left.

Finished blanket box:

One of the bookcase cabinets with the door in place:

Corner units:

I don't have any good photos of the finished cabinets except for this one. As soon as I had them assembled, we brought them inside. The colour was matched to the original wood floors in the house.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cornwall - Seaway International Bridge Demolition Update

As some of you might remember, Cornwall now has a new low bridge, and the old bridge is being demolished. They are actually making a lot of progress on the demolition, and I'd say they have about a third of the bridge already removed. These are some photos I took a few days ago.

For the most part, the bridge is being chopped and removed in huge chunks with a massive crane. The piers are being jack hammered into pieces of rubble with a massive machine (the knocking action can be heard from dozens of blocks away).

For a previous post about the bridge, see:

Here you can see how they chopped and removed half a large span, with the other half held in place with temporary scaffolding. The intersection in the photo is Second Street (one of the main roads).

Pier demolition. You can see how deep the bed of rubble is in this photo (the full height of the water truck).

They were either hosing it down for the heat, or to keep down the dust. I'm not entirely sure.

Massive Construction Work (Sewers)

One thing I should have mentioned in my last post (which slipped my mind) is that my entire street is currently being torn-up. The city is replacing the sewer pipes and water lines on my entire block. Currently we're all hooked up to temporary "over-land" water pipes.

This is pretty much the view at the front of my house. There's now some huge cement sewer parts now, too.

This was down at the intersection at the other end of my block. They started there and they're working their way to my end.

This is looking down the street towards my house, which is the last one on the right side (not visible) at the end of the sidewalk.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Already

Times have been a bit tough lately, and I haven't had much spare cash to get any projects done. I have one project I could be working on (stripping and refinishing the salvaged front door) but I need to set aside some time to work on that since it will be a gross messy job.

I also want to do a few "Cornwall Homes" updates, but there's really nothing overly exciting to report.

Currently I'm building some kitchen cabinets and doors for a client, and I've been keeping busy with small projects (clocks, paintings, and other odd bits). I've actually made a bit more progress on the Cherry Bookcase, and the bulk of the ornamental top is now done. Next will be a few structural braces on the back, and some turned finials.

I'm currently enjoying the last day or so left in some beautiful peonies, and enjoying the weather before summer really sets in.