Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Already

Times have been a bit tough lately, and I haven't had much spare cash to get any projects done. I have one project I could be working on (stripping and refinishing the salvaged front door) but I need to set aside some time to work on that since it will be a gross messy job.

I also want to do a few "Cornwall Homes" updates, but there's really nothing overly exciting to report.

Currently I'm building some kitchen cabinets and doors for a client, and I've been keeping busy with small projects (clocks, paintings, and other odd bits). I've actually made a bit more progress on the Cherry Bookcase, and the bulk of the ornamental top is now done. Next will be a few structural braces on the back, and some turned finials.

I'm currently enjoying the last day or so left in some beautiful peonies, and enjoying the weather before summer really sets in.


  1. Lovely flowers- and lovely work on the hutch!

  2. It's ironic how when you have the most time for projects, you tend to have the least cash for them. :(
    That's a beautiful bookcase. You have amazing woodworking skills.

  3. Yes that always seems to be the case here. I'm trying to finish the drywall work in the stairwell so maybe that can be painted soon.

    I'm quite happy with how the bookcase turned out, especially since it was made essentially out of garbage and small scraps of cherry.

  4. I am so enamored with garbage and small scraps of cherry : )