Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cornwall - Seaway International Bridge Demolition Update

As some of you might remember, Cornwall now has a new low bridge, and the old bridge is being demolished. They are actually making a lot of progress on the demolition, and I'd say they have about a third of the bridge already removed. These are some photos I took a few days ago.

For the most part, the bridge is being chopped and removed in huge chunks with a massive crane. The piers are being jack hammered into pieces of rubble with a massive machine (the knocking action can be heard from dozens of blocks away).

For a previous post about the bridge, see:

Here you can see how they chopped and removed half a large span, with the other half held in place with temporary scaffolding. The intersection in the photo is Second Street (one of the main roads).

Pier demolition. You can see how deep the bed of rubble is in this photo (the full height of the water truck).

They were either hosing it down for the heat, or to keep down the dust. I'm not entirely sure.

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  1. They're probably spraying it to keep the dust down. That's what they started doing in masonry demolition in Austria a few years ago. Better than nothing but not perfect either.