Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bookcase Update & Another Oil Painting

So I finally got the right sand paper to finish sanding the top for the bookcase. I had to go back twice, since apparently they now sell "sticky back" rather than velco back paper, and I got the wrong ones initially.

I also milled and installed the trim moulding. I'm really happy with the finished outline. I was originally just going to use a small cove, but I made two samples and I opted for the Roman ogee instead.

Lastly, I picked up another nice oil painting for super cheap (5$). It's painted on a sheet of masonite, so it's definitely an amateur piece, but it's pretty well done, and it reminds me of picnics at a park we used to visit in the summer. There was a second painting (on canvas) that was the same size and in an identical frame (by the same artist), but it wasn't nearly as nice, so I left that one behind.

I hate the frame, but the shape and size are ok, so I'll be painting it. Either gold, black, or a combination.

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