Monday, May 19, 2014

Garage Wall DONE!

Details and lots of photos soon.

But a quick recap:

Saturday: remove rotted old siding, and dismantle the old wall (in sections), nail down the new 3/4 plywood (code requirements only require 7/16" minimum but that was just way too thin and weak for my taste, so I beefed-it up to 3/4").

This was the most gruelling and stressful day. My first big problem was what to do with all the trash. I ended up finding a temporary spot for it, but I'll elaborate more in the official post.

Sunday: remove busted-up gutters and rotted soffit/fascia. Finish nailing the top few inches of the plywood sheets.
Install the Typar (waterproof house wrap sheeting) and tape all the edges.
Patch other small section at the front with more plywood, and repair slightly busted aluminum siding corner piece.

Today (Monday - Victoria Day holiday): Install all the vinyl "J" trim pieces (top and both vertical edges).
Install the bottom starter strips.
Install all the siding.


Now I just need to rebuild the rotted/busted soffit (which is no longer perfectly straight, and will need some reworking (slightly).

I may need to go buy some more wood or plywood for this. I would have liked to use the rest of my pressure-treated plywood, but I won't have enough. I will probably do just the front face in the PT plywood. I'll have to find/buy some decent pine for the underside piece.

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