Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Alright, I've taken a short break from reposting back entries with the post about the gramophone/radio cabinet (see below), and I'm posting now with more recent news.

As of last night, I now have the door crowns installed, primed, and painted (one of 2 coats), on the door to the office (both sides), kitchen (both sides), main bath, and the dining room/basement door.

I'm extremely pleased with how my copies of the historic mouldings turned out. Photos soon.

I am also working on the doorway leading down the stairs from the second floor. I had thought of making this just a plain drywall opening, but I didn't like how it would have looked, and I also thought of removing the wall(s), but it would have messed up the ceiling(s) and the lighting arrangement, so I left it as-is, and decided that I would install trim like a regular door opening on both sides.

Before I can do this, I had to rebuild a new door jamb (I recycled some scrap wood for this), and I have to redo the two outer drywall corners, since the POs did a horrible shit job of this. I think they actually installed the metal corners upside down, because a light sanding reveals bare metal, and there's supposed the be a paper covering. So I added a new paper corner joint over this, and LOTS of mud. It's still drying, actually.

Work on the gramophone cabinet is nearing completion. I have done all the repairs to the door, patched and fixed the foot, patched and fixed the chipped veneer on the drop-down door, and I've applied the first coat of stain on everything (and I mean everything). That alone took over 2 hours.

Next I'll need to add more stain to darken some of the lighter (non matching wood) pieces, then varnish it.


  1. Hello JC

    I'm really enjoying reading about your 1923 house restoration. You are doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing photos of your moldings project and commentary.

    I added your link to my website and became a follower of your blog today.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blogsite.

    Mrs. D

  2. Thanks very much for the support, Mrs. D. I've been checking out your blog for a while now. I really like some of your rooms (dining room, Bedroom, etc). And your Eastlake style mouldings are gorgeous! What colour(s) are you planning to use in the foyer?