Monday, July 18, 2011

Where To Start?

I have finally decided to start writing a blog specific to my house restoration. I will often find that I have photos and stories about the house that I want to share, but I'm not sure where to post them. I am an avid member of "Old House Web" on their forums, and I also post about my house and daily life in my LiveJournal account.

That being said, the easiest way to give new Bloggers a whole-house-tour of my new home is by simply linking to my original post, which shows a complete photo tour. To go along with that, however, I find that a floor plan is helpful:

Here is the main floor:

And this is the second floor:

Not shown in the plans (not clearly anyways) is the back staircase (which goes from the upstairs laundry room down to the garage/side of the house), as well as the garage. The garage is built onto the full length of the back of the house, and it's about 15 feet wide.

The whole-house photo tour is in another post, here: House Tour.

The Good and the Bad:

The house has several updates that made it desirable (to me). Among these was a newer high-efficiency gas furnace, new electric water tank, newer wiring (the house originally had knob and tube, and was rewired with Romex in the early 1990's), new shingles in 2001, and 4 new windows on the main floor. I also really liked the size of the rooms, and the fact that it was a full 2 storey house with no sloped ceilings. I'm tall (6') and many of the other old houses in my price range had sloped or small second floors.

The bad: many of the original mouldings and trim had been removed, the bathroom was horrifying, the kitchen needs to be completely redone, and several of the "improvements" and renovations were really poorly done (as you will see).

A bit about me: I'm currently 27 (born in '83), gay, single, with no pets. I've wanted to own my own house for years. I actually thought I might be the first in my close group of friends to own one, but I ended up being something like the 3rd out of 4 main friends. Prior to this, I lived in a rather decent (and well priced) 3 bedroom apartment with hardwood floors.

I work in custom (high-end) kitchens and bathrooms (building them from scratch as well as installing them), and I'm also a skilled cabinetmaker. As a hobby I restore and repair antique clocks. I have a large collection, which you can browse here: I also love antiques (I hate modern cheap materials like melamine, and plastic), and I also love early lighting (I have oil lamps and even some whale oil lamps from the 1840's).

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