Friday, January 06, 2012

Office Lighting & Misc.

Alright, I finally found a nice set of antique shades that were both nice and affordable, and I installed them the other day. What a difference!



They have a nice little leaf & swag pattern at the top, and a sort-of petal detail along the bottom. Again, finding a set of 4 matched shades is hard (I still need another set of 4 for the round chain fixture from a while back).

I also took some photos of pieces of wallpaper trim from the living room. These are super close-ups, so just keep in mind that the border is only about 2" high or so. I'm guessing that this paper dates to around the 1930s.



Yesterday I also cut and grooved the back for the built-in. I also installed it, and built the half wall in the closet. I won't show that yet, but soon. I'm pretty much out of studs, but I will try to finish the last little dividing wall for the closet(s) today, and maybe start drywall.


  1. Hi JC,
    I agree, finding matching lamp shades of the period is quite something -nice ones, even more difficult. I'm looking for four matching ones myself. But you've done very well - lovely light fixture, shades and all.

  2. Oh JC, the lamp shades look devine on the old light fixture! Sure doesn't look like the old dirty thing I pulled out of storage here at our old Victorian.

    It is so gratifying to see it in your beautiful home--and adorned with glass shades. Where did you find the gorgeous glass shades? Did you have to give a kidney to buy them? By the way, how old is the light fixture--did you figure it out?

    Other fixtures in our house had 1907 Hubbell pull chain sockets with Halothane (brand name) clear, fluted glass shades. Do you suppose your light fixture is about the same age, 1907?

    Mrs. D

    1. Hey! Glad you saw this. The fixture dates to around 1910, and I think I had found a patent date on the sockets (I think I had mentioned it to you by e-mail a while back).

      I was very lucky to find this set of 4 shades for only 60$ + shipping on Etsy. I still need another 4 matching shades for one other fixture (round pan with chains).

      The fixture cleaned-up quite nicely, and I'm really happy with it!

      Thanks again!