Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vanity & Cornwall Homes 4

Alright, as promised, and since I have a few spare minutes I can claw out of my schedule, here we go. Photos are pretty self-explanatory.

This is the board that will make-up the baseboard (toe-kick) and it will have a fancy cut-out in it on the front.

I wish I had this much space to work at home.

Main part of the case is sanded and ready for finishing (I'll also be adding a top Roman ogee moulding, and most of the bottom trim). The doors aren't sanded yet, but I started fitting some hardware (bullet catches).

Cornwall Homes (Update)

Some of you might remember this wonderful old house that I posted about a while back. The one where I picked up the beautiful solid wood front door that was thrown out:

Here's what it looks like now. I suppose the siding isn't THAT bad, but I hate that new front door with the beveled glass, the new vinyl windows, that awful plastic or aluminum railing that's WAY too high, and the icing on the cake is the absolutely AWFUL shutters that are TOO TALL for the windows. I was so pissed when they installed those shutters.

Then there's this formerly wonderful old house near my Mom's place. I had posted about it a while back:

Well, Mom told me a "by the way" side note last week that they were ripping all the bricks off of it! I was like: 'O_O'??? W-T-F? So now it looks like this:

I have NO IDEA what the hell they're doing to the back part.

The sad part is that it doesn't really look like they're keeping/saving/reusing the bricks. What kind of moron gets rid of brick?

Also, the inside is gutted completely. Only studs left. I had walked by a few years ago when it was rented, and I know there is/was a wonderful decorative archway between the living room/dining room but I have a feeling it's gone now.

Another side note: this is the house where I picked up the busted-up stained glass panel. It used to belong on this side going up the stairs. It's been capped over with painted plywood for many years though, since it shows up like this on Google Maps watermarked from 2006.


  1. There are lots of blogs that would hail these remodels as improvements (not me)! What a tragedy. Your cabinet front looks beautiful.

  2. What the hell are people thinking?!

    Your vanity is turning out brilliantly.

  3. What a waste! Such a shame it looked like such a gem..