Friday, September 07, 2012

Vanity Construction - DONE

Alright! I was able to stay after work this afternoon (I could have last week, but the weather was crappy and I had a ride back into town). There wasn't a whole lot left to do, but it still took me around 2 hours to finish up the toe-kick and sand the doors.

I also made a quick mini door for the office (the little access door for the main cable and phone jacks which are in a retarded spot).

So here we go, there's only 2 quick little pieces left to do on it, and that's just a flat length of particle board veneer for the back (inside part) of the toe-kick, and a small piece of maple to act as door stops at the top. Otherwise it's ready for finishing. The exterior will be a dark reddish brown, and the interior will stay clear maple.

I'm also working on the porch door window (right now), and it's taking quite a long time with my limited tools. I'm also making it with REAL traditional joinery, which takes longer (mortice and tenon joints, and bridle joints in the corners).

The rest of the door frame is done, including fitting the lock, hinges, and adding a stop moulding on the front, as well as a drip edge along the bottom.

Photos of the door/window/porch only when it's all done, so you can see the big reveal! I might also be changing the blog's banner to reflect the more recent work on the house.

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