Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Recap

It wasn't until I went through some old posts regarding the floors upstairs (as a reply on Old House Web), that I realized just how much work I've done on this house. There was a point a year ago when I didn't even have some of the walls upstairs (closets between the "L Room" and the Guest Bedroom).

So, that sparked my interest in making a quick list of all the major projects that I got done on the house this year. It didn't really SEEM like I got this much done, but WOW! I've actually impressed myself!

So here's the quick list. There are MANY small projects that were not added in this list, like repairs to electrical outlets, removing the baseboards on the main floor, or starting to re-tack some of the wiring in the basement, but most of the big stuff is there.

2012 Recap
Note: the items in the list are not necessarily in order, but close to it.

- Patched t-g floors in the "L Room" (mainly around both floor registers).
- Installed the new mouldings around the upstairs built-in and doorways, painted them, and finished painting the upstairs hallway.
- Found & installed shades for the Office light fixture.
- Scraped and repaired (patched/screwed) the entire surface of the ceiling in the "L Room".
- Put-up the drywall on the new closets upstairs (ones between the "L Room" and Guest Bedroom).
- Rebuilt the ductwork in the Master Bedroom (the cold air returns).
- Finished painting the interior of the Master Bedroom closet.
- Rebuilt all 5 drywall stacks on the main floor (the duct work ones - I still have the plumbing one to redo).
- Pulled-up the laminate and exposed the birch floors in the Living Room, Office, and Dining Room.
- Demolished the "power room" in the basement.
- Finished rebuilding and air-sealing the rest of the duct work for the entire house (with the exception of one trunk for the Office).
- Removed the built-in "wall bookcase" in the "L Room" & patched/drywalled it.
- Rebuilt the attic door.
- Removed the existing Office built-in, constructed a new one, and installed it.
- Made and installed the transition for the bathroom floor (tile to wood).
- Reinstalled the arch casings in the dining room.
- Installed the antique mirror (after strengthening the backing) in the bathroom.
- Installed the casings in the "L Room".
- Bought, antiqued, and installed the canopy for the main hallway light fixture. I also bought the missing parts for the MB ones.
- Restored my original house numbers.
- Painted the Master Bedroom and upstairs hallway floors.
- Bought a new mattress, and moved my furniture into the Master Bedroom.
- Removed the aluminum siding on the porch, then rebuilt the original tongue and groove v-groove siding.
- Replaced the porch floor "end boards".
- Built a custom vanity for the bathroom (started in June).
- Started building a huge storage hutch for the garage/shop.
- Completely dismantled, rebuilt, patched, and modified a salvaged door for the porch.
- Built a custom window insert for the porch door.
- Installed the porch door.
- Repainted the porch exterior (minus the windows & lattice).
- Built doors for the mini access door in the Office (the one in the drywall duct stack), the linen closet, and the Office built-in.
- Bought fabric for the MB curtains.
- Repaired, restored, and repainted the antique cupboard in the garage/shop.
- Bought and installed some large photo frames for the front hallway.
- Rebuilt the bulkhead over the main staircase to gain some much needed head space.
- Installed, caulked and painted crown moulding in the main hallway and Dining Room.
- Gutted the bottom of the main staircase and reinforced the floor from the basement.
- Modified the plumbing, and installed the bathroom vanity.
- Installed the linen closet and Office built-in doors.
- Rewired and finished repairing the "L Room" light fixture.
- Finished restoring the gramophone cabinet.
- Patched and repaired the ceiling boards in the Office and Living Room.
- Finished the baseboards in the "L Room".
- Repaired a huge chunk of water damaged wall in the "L Room".
- Finished repaiting/patching the windows in the "L Room".

So yeah, I was quite productive this year. Some things on the list seem like they've been done longer than a year ago. How quickly the time passes.


  1. Wow! You were busy. I don't know how I missed the fact that you have BIRCH floors! Holy moly - is that typical in your area?

    1. The floors currently look TERRIBLE, and they are covered in decades of grime, glue, and other crud leftover from subsequent floor applications over the top, but yes, they are solid birch hardwood (3/4"). Birch, Maple, and Oak are very common in my area. Birch and Maple can sometimes be very hard to tell apart, but I know my woods.

      Here's part of the office floor, where I started to scrape off the glue:

    2. Here in Portland we mostly see oak and fir. Your floors will be gorgeous once they are finished!