Friday, January 04, 2013

"L Room" Ceiling Drywall Installed!

With the help of a lovely lady friend of mine, the two of us were able to put-up the drywall on the ceiling in the "L Room". I owe her big time.

Everything went pretty smoothly with the exception of the light fixture box (see below), which I measured pretty carefully, but did not end up being in the right spot on the sheet.

It took us roughly 2 hours, not counting the 3 small pieces, which I did tonight.

Yeah, it looks pretty terrible, but it will get patched, and it'll be just fine.

I'm really glad that the drywall sheets were the "Ultralight" ones. I had originally ordered just regular sheets, and they had sent me these, so I used them on the ceiling. I'd say that they're around 20-30% lighter.

I just googled it, and I was right! 30% lighter! Sheetrock Brand UltraLight Panels.


  1. Looks good! We've been putting up the same stuff on our ceilings. Had to install strapping first since the plaster was pretty uneven, covered in multiple layers of wallpaper and had some extensive signs of previous water damage. I admit we took the easy way out and bought a lift. Even the ultralight panels are too heavy for us "old" people.

  2. I thought about renting a lift, but with only 3 full sheets, one 3/4 sheet, and 3 very small pieces, it wasn't worth shelling out something like 90$ for it (and then having to return the thing the same day without a car). If I were doing more rooms all at once it would have been worth it. As far as the renovations go, there's only one more room left to do in another year once the chimney is removed, and it's only about a 10 x 10 room. I'm also really trying to save money (as much as possible). Just getting the drywall guy to tape and mud this for me is going to set me back a few 100 dollars (200? 300? 400? I don't really know).

    To be fair, though, my arms and back are pretty sore this morning. :(