Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Few Random Things

Peonies! I absolutely adore peonies. Their smell is just wonderful and intoxicating. Sadly, the camera seemed to be mainly focused on the clock, so I'll have to give it another shot tomorrow.

I worked a bit more on my antique chair (and on the longcase clock), so I thought I'd post a few photos.

I did my eight-way hand tie on the seat springs, and for the most part, they turned out alright. I have one spring that's a bit off, but it'll be fine. I also still need to finish restoring the finish on the wood before I go any further.

Lastly, I thought I'd share a few photos from work. I'm still getting used to working again after being off for so long, so I'm not sure what my next house project will be. I have several things that REALLY need to be addressed, but those will require me to call some places and get some quotes. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

This is a lovely antique chair that just got redone (by my boss). I'm not a huge fan of the fabric that the client picked (since it's not quite period correct for such an old chair), but it's still nice. It's hard to tell but the front legs of the chair a really nice turned ones with brass casters. The chair is from the late 1800s, and the frame was in pretty rough shape.

In the next little while, my boss and I will be reupholstering two of these matching arm chairs (the feet were removed so it looks a bit funny). I've already stripped off both of them, but I got put on another side project while he finishes a second antique chair for the same client as the striped blue one. It should be quite interesting, so I'll keep you guys updated on this "first big project". This one won't be that bad, since it's a fairly new chair, and all the foam and internal padding/springs are fine. It's just going to be new fabric basically.

It's also good to note that my boss does NOT do recovering, only reupholsery, which involves taking off all previous fabrics. He told me he once had a chair that had FIVE layers of fabric on it.

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  1. Hey JC,
    you'll get used to working regular soon enough! ;o)
    I actually happen to not mind the new chair-fabric. It is not my personal style but i am a believer in only having what you love, so if you love the chair, why not make it fit your style? For me it does not have to be period-true, although when it happen to be both, period-true and fitting your personal style it is always best!