Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cornwall Homes - The Cornwall Armoury Building

Today's entry doesn't really count as a "Cornwall Home", but it's a rather significant local building that I want to highlight.

The Cornwall Armoury has always been a building in town that can't help but be noticed. It looks like a castle due to it's Tudor Revival style, and castellated peaks. There are also numerous Gothic details, such as the main doors, and carved accents.

You can read more about the building here, as well as see a few extra views (such as the rear):

As a kid, I remember this place mainly as the home of the Sea Cadets and Air Cadets. For several years, my younger brother was in the Sea Cadets and trained here. In all the times I went (with Mom to go pick him up), I never actually went inside, other than by the back, into the large hall (which looked like a giant gymnasium).

Apparently the building has a nice museum collection of military artifacts, medals, and uniforms, as well as a library.

The doors are simply beautiful.


  1. It also happens to be haunted!!

    I wish I could offer you some inside shots, but all I have are pictures on the parade square (what you called the hall). I can tell you there are some extremely old doors in the basement. I used to have the key to the air cadet band room. :)

  2. They don't make them anymore like they used to... (sigh)