Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finished Antique Chair

The chair has been finished since Monday, but I wasn't able to properly photograph it until this afternoon.

There have been several past posts about the chair, and its progress, which I'll list below in order.

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If you're not planning to browse through the old posts showing the progress, I'm only going to include one "before" photo (again) here.

As a quick recap, the chair was a roadside trash find from 2 blocks away. I stripped it down, took the frame apart, reglued it with period correct hide glue, repaired the original shellac finish (to blend together the crackle), polished/buffed with dark wax, and finally I redid all the upholstery, which included:

- Install new webbing
- Attach springs
- 8-way hand tie the springs
- New burlap cover
- Black fabric "straw cover" (to help keep the straw dust contained in the chair seat)
- Re-fluff and pad down the original straw
- Re-install the original "felt padding", which we discovered is actually Kapok*
- New layer of soft cotton padding
- Layer of thin muslin fabric
- Top fabric
- Hot-glued decorative gimp cording
- hand tacked black bottom fabric

* Kapok is a fluffy seed-pod fiber from the kapok tree, which is a gigantic tropical tree. It is silky, cottony, and reminiscent of the fluff commonly found in milkweed pods. This was a common upholstery stuffing material for decades, but isn't used often today.



As you can see, even though the popular vote was for the pink or dark raspberry gimp, I ended up choosing a very dark green (which wasn't shown). I'm very pleased with the finished chair.


  1. It looks great! Buuuut, is it comfortable? Ha!

    1. It's not bad. Not super comfy, but not hard like a rock either. I do plan to use it on occasion, but it's mainly a show piece.

  2. What a beautiful job!!! I have chair envy now! Ginny