Monday, February 06, 2017

Victorian Farmhouse Part 26 - THE FLOOD!

Not long after the shower panels had been installed in the bathroom, Pierre decided to test the tub and take a bath. Much to his surprise, this caused a minor flood in the ceiling of the living room.

He kind of panicked and drilled some drain holes to let the water out, but it was basically a huge disaster.

I wasn't around when this happened, but these are some photos I took on my next visit.




Luckily the water seems to have bypassed the woodwork.


Several weeks later, after having found the source of the leak (which was in the bath drain*), I went over everything and patched the damage. This involved chipping away bubbled paint, filling holes, caulking, and puttying with drywall compound. We were thinking we might have to replace that length of crown, but it really wasn't that damaged.



Some good old BIN shellac sealer, and a few coats of pain, and this should all disappear.





* Because of how we assmebled the bath and drain assembly with ABS, we ended up with a slight misalignment, so the drain was not tight enough to form a good enough seal. We ended up cutting an access panel (a hole) in the spare bedroom wall to get to the bath drain and to check for more leaks.

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