Sunday, January 12, 2020

Front Hallway Painted

Another short post to show off the front hallway. I will just quickly mention that for some reason I'm rarely getting my notifications for new comments. Apologies if you haven't gotten a reply on a recent comment.

The front hallway was painted just before Christmas (the week before). I had been planning to paint the hallway for months and I absolutely wanted to have it done before my Christmas party on the 21st. Basically it wasn't a huge job, but it was definitely last minute. In the process of taking stuff down and prepping for paint, I figured out why my doorbell had stopped working. Turns out that the dust from sanding the floors earlier this summer had accumulated on the contact for the hammer and it wouldn't conduct electricity anymore. I just had to clean it. Works perfectly now.

The colour I chose was picked out about 4 years ago, and it's a shade of peacock blue. I had seen this exact colour used in a local historic house and wanted to use it somewhere. Depending on the lighting (especially in the evening in artificial light) it can look a bit more greenish.

View from the living room (which is the light green room):

This shows part of the staircase wall. The wall going up the stairs is very light grey:

Corner view showing front door (wood) with the doorbell I talked about above, the office doorway is on the right. I had put my Christmas decorations up:

View from the office looking across the hallway and into the living room. As mentioned above, the walls going up the stairs are very light grey:

This is the hallway (the main space of it) looking towards the kitchen, which is a hot mess. I had not yet re-installed my wall shelf/coat rack on the left wall:


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    1. Thanks Ross, I loved it too when I saw it used in another house.

  2. That really looks sharp! The trim looks really good, and that's a great vintage pendant light.

    One question: was the bare drywall/plaster corner between the stairs and hallway always like that? I wonder how it would look with some wood trim wrapped around it, almost like a very simple emulation of a newel. Our last house had a similar treatment of the wall dividing the stairs where they made a 180 at a landing partway up. It was just wrapped on the three sides with 1x casing, with a small projecting cap on top and cove molding under the cap.

    1. This staircase wall is not original to the house. I don't know exactly what it used to look like originally, but I imagine it had an open railing. The opposite wall (photo 1 and 2) also didn't exist. I had to keep it in place for multiple different reasons, but it was not there originally.

      I had thought of installing beadboard, or paneling, or some trim for the hallway, but I could not decide how it should look, so I chose to keep it really plain. This house had fancy door casings and window casings, small crown on the first floor only, and that's about it. No other fancy details, so I didn't want a weird column to stick out as an extra fancy detail when there aren't any elsewhere. I'm also not sure that I wanted a white-painted column there since all the trim is white. It's a high traffic area and would get dirty, scuffed (etc) fairly easily/quickly.

      All that said, you do have a point that this would be the ONLY "drywall corner" wall in the entire house. All other openings have trim.

  3. Hello JC. This is your Mom Linda. How are you doing? Are you still working on your house? I'm still working on our 1894 Victorian Farmhouse. Wish you would post more photos of your house. Love the wall colors you've selected.

    1. Hello, I don't know why it won't let me leave a comment under my google account. I haven't done much more work on the house recently. The last big job was getting the roof redone, and they screwed up the job. I had specified that I wanted the same ones as before (slate gray) but they put black, which isn't what I wanted. Not the end of the world, but I was not pleased at all. There's only two rooms left to do in the house and they involve hiring more outside professionals, and I can never trust anyone to do a good job these days. I'm fearing yet another botch job. So I've been procrastinating getting the chimney removed. The only rooms left to do is one upstairs bedroom, and the kitchen.

      Hope you're doing well!