Sunday, November 24, 2019

Before & After Photos - First Floor

Here are some before and after photos of the first floor renovations between the day I bought the house, and just after I finished the floors. These are just a few random photos I was able to match up with an old and new image. There aren't many that show the hallway or front door.

Major changes in the photo above: Remove door, relocate heating grate from floor to wall, redo door mouldings, fix light switch, (the rest is the more obvious stuff like refinish the floor, paint, etc).

Drywall (heating vent) stack redone. Ceiling patched and crown matched/patched.

It doesn't look hugely different other than the door and the repaired mouldings, but this corner was huge. Note that the outlet location in the wall did NOT move. Hole in the floor had to be patched.

The stairs were not original and I can't imagine that they originally ended partially into the doorway.

Notable change is that the light switch is no longer buried into the wall, and that ugly plywood access panel (which served no purposed) is done away with. The entire drywall column was redone.

Changes here are mostly the floors and the replaced mouldings. Note front door also.

Living room before/after. The bare light bulb was replaced with a rewired antique pan chandelier from the 1910 era. The new flooring that was removed revealed an original heating grate opening. I had to swap some around to get one to fit this existing hole. The entire corner duct work column was completely redone. Again, electrical outlet no longer partly covered by the wall.

Some new crown moulding was made to match. Note that the size shrunk down quite a bit (width of 4 boards down to two).

Detail of bottom.

Opposite corner. That drywall corner was also redone. Heating grate was repaired and painted to match the baseboards. The additional outlet is for phone and cable connections.

Lastly the dining room. Most of the work in this room was restoring the ceiling and repainting it. Other than that, redoing the two drywall corners (you can tell visually how much the one in the far right corner shrunk), repairing/replacing the mouldings and refinishing the floor.


  1. It looks beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon. A lot of work and almost 10 years into owning the house, but it's really starting to get there. I just painted the front hallway today also.

  2. Before/After images are always exciting.

    It's a pleasure seeing your fine work and attention to detail.

    1. Thanks Ross. I'm really happy with the end results. A lot of work, time, and effort, but all worth it.

  3. Those are a lot of seemingly small details, but they really transform the place. It's hard to believe previous remodelers could do that work and be satisfied with it.

    I realize none of your effort was small, though!

    1. Thanks Seth. Yeah the heating modifications/retrofitting and poorly constructed drywall corners were just all bad. It was a rental, so they just didn't care.