Friday, October 14, 2011

General (Quick) Update

Ok just a quick few notes:

- I recently acquired another antique light fixture (details/photos soon).
- The rat is dead/gone. I hope I don't have to repeat this. I want to go around the house very thoroughly and fill/patch any holes. I still have NO IDEA how he got in.
- I was almost sure that the beautiful antique toilet paper holder had been lost in the mail, but I checked the tracking again, and it was updated today, showing that it's in NY (not far). It was sent Sept 19th.
- Started working on the upstairs closet/built-in/wall/doorway(s).
- Started patching "L" room floor.

So yeah, I will make a much more decent post soon, but I wanted to point out that after a bit of a lull, I'm slowly getting back to work on the house.

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