Monday, October 24, 2011

Office Light Switch - DONE

I'm so happy I finished another little project.

My friend Larry commented about the knob and tube, so here's a better photo.


Mud coat number 2:


Scratch coat number 3:


Then a quick coat of primer, and a quick coat of crappy white semi gloss (stuff I can't use since I got "Medium Base" instead of "White", so it's all milky and crappy), and voila!


Overall not a huge amount of work, and it took only 3 days of on/off sanding, puttying, and quick painting. The white paint is just to protect the wall until I actually finish this room (later on) and paint it (probably a taupe or some other Earthy relaxing colour).

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  1. If you are like I am, every little completed job like this spurs me on to the next. I think that's because even the little details will make a room 100% more attractive.