Saturday, December 10, 2011

Porch Window

Here's a photo of the repaired porch window. Glance up at my blog's banner photo and tell me that doesn't make a huge difference! I'm very happy with how it turned out.

A side note: I left that cruddy Dap33 glazing to dry inside (in the bedroom) for nearly 2 months (it was glazed in mid/late October) and the paint still didn't seem to stick well to it because there was some moisture to it. Basically, the paint on the glazing would peel off in a few spots with the tape, and it looked streaky in spots (even though I did 2 good coats).

I didn't permanently attach the window since I'll have to yank it back out to fix the window next to it.


Now yes the window looks great, but that awful door needs to go ASAP, the lattice and surrounding frame also need replacing (they're pretty rotten and I'm fairly sure they're not the original pattern for the house).

I also REALLY want to change those awful stairs (suggestions?) and probably yank-off the siding to fix/repaint/replace the original t-g boards underneath. I can then use the siding to re-patch over the old hydro pole tracks over the porch.

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