Sunday, December 04, 2011

Porch Window

Look what I got done today! I finally painted the porch window (only on the exterior side).

I feel really crappy that I *AGAIN* missed a perfect opportunity to install it, since today was a whopping 14C/57F outside. It was simply GORGOUS. The perfect weather for a picnic. I was out briefly with friends for brunch this afternoon (which was delicious), and then I went for groceries. It's hard to believe it's December 4th!

Anyhow, last weekend was also nice, and I could have installed the window then, but it hadn't been painted yet either. So now it's ready for install. Apparently next weekend is going to be cold, but above 0, so we'll see. If I can't install it permanently, I can at least install it partially (like the other "loose" sliding panes).

On a side note, I absolutely love the paint I used for this. This paint was recommended by the lady at Home Depot, and it's an exterior latex paint that doesn't require a primer, and can be used over oil (even glossy oil paint) or latex, is mildew proof, and designed for use in Canadian weather (meaning it can tolerate the extreme temperatures between 40 and -40. What's so great about it is the coverage. It says "one coat" and I believe it (though I ALWAYS do 2). It's super thick and heavy (not runny at all), and it looks awesome.

It sure made a big difference on this cruddy 88 year old heavily abused window.

I also suppose it would help if I mention what paint it was that I used: CIL Smart3 Triple Weather Protection Semi Gloss, Doors, Trim & Siding Paint.



I'm going to need SO MUCH GREEN TAPE to finish all the rest of the porch once the weather warms up again. I went through nearly 1/2 a roll just on one half (one side) of this window.

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