Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Built-In Vote!

Alright, I forgot to mention this, but I like it in a different post anyways (Read previous post first or this won't make sense).

I can't decide what to do with the interior/back of the built-in (which is why it's not installed yet). I was originally just going to put some thinner Fir plywood back there, but then I thought it would be really cool to put tongue and groove instead. But the t-g would be pine, so the woods won't match. This isn't an issue if I paint the interior, though. I thought of maybe using a light blue in a gloss? Otherwise I had thought to have the interior lightly stained and varnished.


- Stain/varnish interior (Fir back)
- Stain/varnish interior (even though the woods will be mis-matched a bit)
- T-G back with painted interior (colour ideas too?)


  1. I ALWAYS vote for stained fir, but I obviously am biased. It is a large cost difference?

  2. Not really. I have tons of stains, and the cost of ply vs t-g is about the same. Does this also imply that you'd use a Fir backing too?

  3. I would actually to T&G, and might even put a small spacer in each groove to force the joint apart just a bit. Might give it that character look of having been there for a very long time.

    Though not T&G, In one project of ours we did the back of a large cabinet with a sheet of 4x8 bead board plywood. It worked great to really square up and solidify the cabinet since it was one consistent piece. The whole cabinet was all painted white, but we painted the bead board red before installing it, so it was a nice contrast.

    For your project I might go with T&G back painted in a light blue. Our master bedroom closets are dark stained oak with white trim, light blue walls, and chrome hardware. It really works in there.