Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Alight! Just when I was starting to lose hope that it might never arrive, I now have the antique toilet paper holder! It got dropped off today and was waiting for me at the door.

It's in great shape, and even though the original photo(s) of it looked pretty grubby, it actually looks like it's chrome plated/shiny under all the grime. I plan to give it a polish. I've already taken out a few small bends and kinks in the frame. Now the hard part will be to decide if the roll holder should be Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, etc.

I'll also have to source some brass end knobs. I think the ones I have are too small.

Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, two months for delivery. That's astonishingly bad. Was it mis-addressed or something?

  2. Yes. For some idiotic reason, my Paypal payment went through using my old address at my apartment. Since it was ground shipping, it took weeks to get there, then weeks more to be returned to the seller. Then we found out the problem, and she re-mailed it to me. So yeah, originally purchased on Sept 17th, I think.

    But for the price, it was well worth the wait! I love it.