Sunday, November 13, 2011


I started to work on installing (re-routing) the electrical on the new wall. This would be 2 outlets and the light switch. So far I've done the two that are in between the doors (one outlet and the main light switch) but to get to the last outlet wire, I need to get up in the attic. For the other two I was able to reach at arm's length on the step ladder, but I'm actually going to have to get the long ladder from the garage to get up in the attic.

I didn't do much else today because I actually had to work today. I never usually work on a Saturday, but we had to install some display cases at my optometrist's office so it had to be preferably done off regular hours.

I wasn't too happy about this since I wasn't actually told about it until the last minute, so I managed to take Monday off instead, so I might be able to do a bunch more stuff on the house if I plan things properly.

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