Saturday, November 26, 2011


It doesn't really feel as though I got much accomplished today, but I did do the following:

- Clean/sweep garage/shop and main floor.
- Pass the rest of the wires and finish the electrical hookups in the Guest Room and L Room closet(s) as well as the L Room overhead light fixture.
- Caulk a few areas around 3 windows (small gaps/shrinkage).
- Remove unnecessary extra wires hanging off the side of the house.*

* These wires used to be connected to the cable, but at some point they installed another cable and left the old ones in place (they were not connected at either end). You can actually see some of the wires in the main header photo above the "F" of "Foursquare". So I just disconnected them and took all the screws/clips off and the area where they were looks much neater and cleaner now that there's only the ONE single cable line coming down (instead of 4 - one was some kind of ground wire).

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