Thursday, November 10, 2011


Alright, last night I got my ass in gear and finished framing the main closet wall. I was quite happy with myself!

I decided to add the fire wall (same as the other original walls in the house), but I'm not sure if I should bother with the bottom row. In the other original walls, there's a second row of studs that follow along the height of the baseboards (I'm assuming since this makes it much easier to install solid wood mouldings, which sometimes need to be bent slightly to fit nicely). But I don't really need it here. I have additional studs because of where I put the door, and I have plenty of solid.


This is one of the original walls on the main floor for comparison:


Next I'll need to build the "box" for the built-in, frame that in place, and re-run my electrical (into the new wall).


  1. Hello JC,
    Lots of work already behind you, loads ahead, but you are certainly very capable and courageous. Loved the inspiration post, very appropriate. That toilet paper holder was a fantastic find - good for you.
    Looking forward to your progress.

  2. Anyes, Thanks. I think the photos from the "Inspiration" post are pretty achievable, except maybe for the beautiful hardwood floors.

    As for the toilet paper holder, that's still up in the air. Originally, it was sent to the wrong address, and then sent back, and the seller said she would re-mail it, but it hasn't turned up yet. I'm still hopeful it will get here, but I originally bought it back in late September and it's now mid-November...

  3. I found your blog a while back and as I always do I start at the beginning with the first post. Love what you're doing and love seeing the progress. Concerning the extra horizontal studs at the bottom of the wall for the baseboards, my house built in 1896 also has these and on my walls the lath and plaster only goes down to that lower horizonal stud instead of all the way to the floor. I guess there wasn't any point in wasting the time and expense of plasterers putting plaster down there when it would only be seen when the baseboards were off.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the blog, Alex. Lots more stuff to come. If you've only gotten up to this post, I'm sure you'll be happy to see some of the finished (or nearly finished) rooms coming up later. I'm almost at year 5 of owning the house, and I still have a lot left to do.