Friday, November 11, 2011

Toilet Repair

Today's small and unexciting job was to fix the upstairs (main) toilet. Since I bought it (second hand) I had planned to change the interior workings, but never bothered since it seemed to work ok. But lately I had noticed it had a near constant (but small) leak in the bowl. So I picked up a new kit for it. At first I was just going to get the regular style, but they had a much nicer looking "Fluidmaster" kit with the newer style floating cup around the stem for just about 1$ more than the cheapie one. The general quality of the parts looked better so I spent the extra dollar on it. It's this one:


It was very easy to install, and works perfectly.


  1. If possible share some of the pics with us.

  2. Hi London Handyman,

    Unfortunately there were no pics to share, since I didn't take any. The toilet repair was really easy. All I had to do was shut the water, empty out the excess water, unscrew/remove the old filler valve, install the new one, and then change the flapper (drain plug). The rest was just a few quick adjustments for the water height (once hooked back up), and the length of the chain to open the flapper.