Sunday, May 13, 2012

House Numbers (Part 2)

I have come to love these old house numbers, and I've photographed quite a few of them. Several of these are the same vintage, while a few are newer, or older. Most have the same font, but I can see at least 3 variations.

The following are a collection of the bulk of the remaining numbers in my neighbourhood (roughly 25 blocks?) There are a few others I didn't photograph (since people were out on their porch, for example.

Also note the general state of disrepair on most of these homes. Some are nicely restored, others are literally rotting and falling apart.

I still don't know how to cut one of these posts with a "keep reading after the cut", so this will be a rather large post with 28 photos.

117 & 115 Fourth Street West
A series of townhouses/apartments. There were also numbers 123 & 125 (not photographed).

121 & 119 Fourth Street West

129 - Fifth Street East
This is a nicely restored Victorian. Original wood siding (in a dark pink).

129 & 127 First Street West
Townhouses with original doors, porch roof/columns.

A lovely number 142 on the historic Stormont Cottages. See:
York & First Street West

On the same building are a set of old enameled street signs (these are very scarce). Note that these are in different styles, both in the shape of the plaques and the font.

219 First Street West
Sadly this number is now gone, since the entire porch roof has recently been gutted. That nice original dentil moulding - gone. I'm not sure if the porch columns were still there.

224 Fifth Street West
A house just down the street from me.

227A - 227B First Street West

231 First Street West

248A Pitt Street
This is one right on a main street that I had never noticed until yesterday.

312 First Street West

316 Water Street

318 First Street East

328 York

40 First Street West
The historic Chelsey's Inn (built in 1820). See:

47 Fifth Street East

519 Bedford

138 Second
Amelia & Second Street East
This is a stunning Victorian in near perfect shape.

Augustus & Seventh

Fourth Street West & York

This is on the Historic Grammar School. See:

102 Fourth Street East / 341 Sydney
I'm not sure why this house has two addresses.


  1. These numbers look wonderfully European. I'm really wowed by the gorgeous pediment of No. 102!

    1. Believe it or not, but 138 (above in plain white) is the same style pediment (nearly identical pattern).

      The whole house at 102 Fourth East is quite nice. If you want to see the whole house in Google Maps:,-74.728125&spn=0.009176,0.013797&sll=45.0219,-74.728124&sspn=0.009237,0.013797&hnear=102+4+St+E,+Cornwall,+Stormont,+Dundas+and+Glengarry+United+Counties,+Ontario+K6H+2H9&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=45.021903,-74.728125&panoid=MUKPfHi04S8y5nC-hGoveQ&cbp=12,138.01,,0,12.6

  2. Hi JC,

    Have you recovered from your bout with the flu last month? Hope you are feeling better. Love the images of the houses, street signs, and numbers. I find the cobalt blue and white images quite attractive. Nice job with the photography. Always enjoy "seeing" in pictures what your mind is thinking about.

    Mrs. D