Friday, May 18, 2012

Wet Paint!

I've been both looking forward to, and dreading, painting the floors upstairs, but since I have a 4 day weekend (Monday is Victoria Day), and the weather is supposed to be nice for the next few days, I decided TODAY IS THE DAY!

I pretty much forced myself to do it, too. I moved all the furniture out of the room last night. This morning, I vacuumed-out all the cracks between the boards, then I taped all the baseboards and door jambs, and I went over the entire floor with a damp rag.

About an hour's worth of work:

I'm very happy with the colour match, but I can already tell that I won't be too fond of the high gloss (I didn't have a choice). The fumes from the oil paint are actually not that bad. I thinned the paint 10% with paint thinner (as per the directions), and that's mainly what I could smell.

Master Bedroom done:

I don't really know what happened with the colours in this pic.

This is probably the most accurate photo for the colour:

It's not visible in the photo(s) but I painted up to the door for the L Room and the Guest Bedroom.

Also, partially visible is my "bridge support" in the last photo. I made a 2x4 frame, screwed to the stairs, and there's also a platform in the bathroom. I have some large boards that can lay across the two sides creating a bridge over the hallway floor (so that I can use the shower). Otherwise I'll be using the washroom downstairs until the floor is dry.

ALSO (2): The floor will unfortunately need another coat. The white paint smears around the baseboards, as well as several of the crack-filled nail holes, and other repairs show through the paint (probably partly because it was thinned down), so hopefully I can do that on Monday?


  1. I think it looks great — high gloss and all. What a difference!

  2. Shazaam! That looks fantastic! It brings it all together. You'll be moving in there in no time at all. My Dad always said "Paint covers a multitude of sins."

    1. That is VERY TRUE. You can hardly tell how horrible the baseboards are (chips dents, scrapes, paint blobs, holes, nails) after they were repainted. The floor is no exception. There were thousands of nail holes that were filled as well as a few repairs and new boards.

      And yes I'm really looking forward to setting up my bedroom up there, getting my new mattress, and finally uncovering the furniture, and unpacking several things.

  3. I think the floors are looking GREAT and I can't wait to see how your bedroom comes together. Your bridge idea was genius.

    I love painting, largely in part to the dramatic before and afters. If only all projects came together as nicely. ;-)

  4. Oil paint is kind of amazing. It's heavy, slow and takes time to dry, but the coverage is great, and it really settles to a nice finish. If someone wanted to cut the gloss down, I bet you could top it with a clear coat with a different finish. I haven't done that, though I'm not positive, though. Great work- it looks awesome!