Friday, May 18, 2012

More Doors

I saved 3 stunningly gorgeous doors in near mint condition and with the original old hardware and shellac. The only problem: they're all in sizes I can't use.


One is 24", one is 28", and the largest is 34". All my interior doors are 30". I will either try to use them somewhere else (maybe the garage staircase door?), or resell them.

They were in the trash just 2 houses down on my "other" street - the garage side (I'm on a corner, remember).

The finish on the middle door is really crackled (due to using the wrong kind of varnish over the original shellac).

Look at the beautiful hardware!


  1. Wow! Nice score man!! The hardware along is worth a mint! In with the plain Jane "new" out with the old...I don't get some people's reasoning behind renovating old homes. Seen this to many times in my town and towns near by. Oh well gives me reason to dumpster dive! :) haha Btw your house looks amazingly awesome, keep up the great work, man!

  2. How about a fabulous door headboard with these beauties? Or a desk - the possibilities are endless!

    1. If I can find someone who can actually use them, I will, but otherwise I would use them for some kind of cabinetry.