Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Score!

I usually never find anything great on Boxing Day, and I often don't even bother going out, but today I went with my Mom to see if the Christmas tree that I liked at Sears was on sale/reduced. I had seen it earlier this month, and it was originally priced at 199.99$, but reduced to 139.99$. I asked a sales associate if it might end up getting further reduced, and she told me "no, not at that price, it's already been marked down". But I was happy to see that all the Christmas decorations and the trees were 50-70% off. I got the tree for 59.99$ plus taxes (just under 70$). What an awesome deal.

I should just quickly mention that I've been looking at different artificial trees on and off for several years, and most of the ones I liked (pre-lit with realistic looking tips) were in the 400$ and-up price range, so finding this tree was a huge success for me. I'm really picky (since I will likely be keeping and reusing this tree for the next 10 or more years), so it was truly a lucky find, especially at that price.

While I was out, I was also hoping that I might find some nice discounted nutcrackers, but I didn't see any. The only two I found that were decent looking (at Canadian Tire) were a baseball one (which made me think of Alex from Old Town Home), and a basketball one, which looked cool, but I'm really not into sports. I did see a pirate one at Sears that I kinda liked, but the paint job and overall quality on it were only so-so.

I ended up getting a few ornaments, and 5 rolls of Debbie Travis gift wrap at Canadian Tire. I also went to Wal-Mart afterwards, and picked up several cheap DVDs. I picked up the 4th Pirates of The Caribbean, Tintin (which I haven't seen yet), Eagle Eye (which I also haven't seen, and have wanted to see for a few years - only 5$), Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, and season 6 of Supernatural. On top of that, I picked up some comfy new slippers, and coat hangers (which were conveniently on sale), since I always seem to need new ones.

I haven't taken the video tour of the house yet (because I'm a lazy bum and I still haven't done the dishes from the party yet), but I'll be doing that very soon.

There's not much else to update related to the house. In preparation for the party, I installed the vanity doors, and I've been working on another antique "Mogul base lamp" that was gifted to me for my birthday. This lamp was pretty much in shambles, and miraculously still had tattered remains of its original cloth cord and internal wire (some of which is in near new condition, and that I'll keep for possible future use). I had to buy a new 3-way switch for it, and partially refinish several of the metal pieces. This particular lamp has a faux onyx segment (disc) made from glass. It's missing the entire top portion as well (the portion which holds the large glass shade and mogul bulb/socket. I have a spare antique shade, but the missing lamp (body) parts will cost me around 30$ to replace. I also want to get an old style button plug for it (another 4$). I haven't decided weather or not I'd want to change the main cord on all three of my mogul lamps. This would cost around 50$ (for repro rayon covered wire), but it would look really awesome. I won't be spending money on that now, but I can always change these later.

Photos of the lamp, party, and vanity will follow in the next few days.

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