Thursday, December 13, 2012

Party Prep & House Progress!

Alright, I'm still figuring out how I want to lay out the table, but things should work out okay with the blue napkins/placemats. I also dug-out some brand new cutlery that I had bought years ago, and a new set of 8 glasses (also bought ages ago). The great thing about these is that I didn't have to spend any money on them. All I really need are wine glasses, and I'll get those either at Wal-Mart or the dollar store (not something I'll use often, but handy to have, since I like entertaining).

New cutlery:

Glasses (which match my "day-to-day" ones, but they're not the same size):

And so far, this is more or less how the table will look. Everything is laid out, but I still have to wash everything. Plus, the party is only in a week or so.

EDIT: Oh! I also totally forgot to mention this, but the crummy old table I'm currently using in the dining room didn't have any leaves for it (it was a 10$ yard sale find), so I ended up making one out of an old door from the former upstairs kitchen! I just sawed-it down, and routed out spots for the pegs (I couldn't actually drill holes for the alignment pegs since the door had a wide routed lip around it). It's not perfect, but with a table cloth over it, and a few wooden cleats under it to keep it in place, no one would ever know!

House Stuff!

I did a bit of work on the house today, and two things got done.

I decided to finish painting/finishing the shade holders, and rewiring the antique light fixture in the "L Room" upstairs. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough wire to do the fixture, but as it turns out, I did.

And yes it will have to come down again when I finally have a chance to work on the ceiling drywall.

You can see the fixture (unlit, but half finished) in this past post:
PAINTING! And How to Install Crown Moulding by Yourself!

And a job that I've been putting off for probably a few months now, is finally done (except for final nail hole putty sanding): installing the rest of the baseboards in the "L Room". I've been dreading this simply because it's an outside mitre on two long boards (hard to cut on the table saw), and I also wanted to make sure which pieces of baseboard, from my stock of new and old pieces, I should use. I ended up going through ALL my baseboard pieces, measuring them, and writing down a full list, then measuring ALL the walls in the house that need baseboard reinstalled (some was butchered, some was damaged, and I removed most of it from the main floor). Then I assigned pieces to certain rooms based on lengths (all on paper with a sort of map), and ended up with some usable pieces. I actually have almost enough pieces for all the main rooms except the dining room, and 2 or 3 10 foot lengths (which will have to be new stuff).

That said, here's the (mostly) finished corner!

Once the putty can be sanded, I can go ahead and silicone both doorways (main and closet) in that room, check the rest of the old baseboards, and then prime and paint all of it. But I might wait until I finish the two windows, and do everything in one shot.

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