Saturday, December 29, 2012

"L Room" Progress

I've been working on the L Room today. I did a whole bunch more puttying, sanding, patching, and caulking on both windows, and I think I'm at the point where they're about as good as they can look without stripping them. So they're ready for paint now. I just have the trim moulding around the window interior to make and install (hopefully tomorrow).

I also caulked both new door casings, sanded my huge wall patch, and caulked along the baseboard (not the whole room though). I just finished fixing and replacing the electrical outlets for the room. 3 had been redone (new) a while back, and 3 were left to replace/fix. Pics and more details later.

I also might have a friend who can help me install the drywall on the ceiling. Not sure when she's able to help me, but she said she could give me a hand. There are only about 5 sheets (full sheets) to cut and install. Then there will be smaller ones that I can do myself, or with her help (depends how long it takes).

Things are looking good!

I'm also a little disappointed that I haven't gotten any comments on the videos yet. :(

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