Monday, August 12, 2013

L Room Floor Done! + Vanity + Other

I wanted to post photos of the finished floor, but I'm actually a bit more excited to show-off a piece of furniture that I've had for years.

This is the "Vanity" dresser that is part of the solid walnut Gibbard set that I have. I've had the piece for years but I've actually NEVER in my life seen it with the mirror installed on it! My parents had the original mirror in the basement for all the time I lived at home, and the original mirror bracket was "broken" (one section had come unglued). I just repaired it about a month ago.

Since I'll more than likely have the piece in this room, I decided to put it together to see how it was meant to look. In the past, I've used this dresser as a TV stand (in my old bedroom), then as a computer desk for a while (at the apartment), and since I moved to the house, it's just been sitting around until this room got done (soon!)

I have just quickly dusted it, but I plan to go over it with some stain to touch up a few scuffs and worn edges. I also need to properly clean the mirror. Both large mirrors in the set are the originals, and even though they're not bevelled, they are both 1/4" thick glass, and weigh a TON. I estimate that this smaller mirror weighs at least 20 lbs.

I have to say, it looks pretty much exactly how I thought it would, but it's just so odd to see it put together after so many years without the mirror attached.

The other two matching dressers can be seen in this post:

Here's the finished floor. It looks great, but sadly, as I had suspected, the colour is off. This shade (which is supposed to be an identical match to the previous can) is more brown while the other shade on the master bedroom floor and hallway is more orange. I'm kind of pissed about it, but I'll find a way to blend the two together because I'm not repainting.

Also, just for fun, here's the same floor a few years ago. You can see the PO's lovely fake laminate oak floor on the far left, then foam, then peel and stick Marboleum tiles over 1/4" plywood, and finally the original pine tongue and groove under this.

 photo P9240608.jpg

Another "before/during" photo:

 photo P9240640.jpg

I haven't specifically chosen that spot for the vanity, it's just there for now. There's actually 4 places in this room where it could fit.

The "Other" part of this post is that over the weekend, I restored, repainted, and rewired the 4-socket chandelier for the main staircase. I don't have photos of the finished product since it's hanging in the garage (with atrocious lighting and an even uglier background) but I'm hoping that I can install it soon-ish. To jog your memory, it's this larger one on the right in this old photo:

 photo P8190026.jpg


  1. I wonder how long the paint is going to last on those floors. Recently a German carpenter claimed that oil/linseed oil paint on floors wears off quickly unless waxed weekly.

    For some weird reason, that red/brown linseed oil paint on floors is called "oxblood paint" in German, although it only contains linseed oil and various iron oxide pigments.

    Shades vary quite a bit, from browns to almost orange and more reddish hues, some even slightly bluish reds. I have to say I prefer the latter.

    1. The paint should last at least 10 years or more. It's quite durable, and I brushed on 2 thick coats. The paint in the bedroom and hallway gets daily use, and it still looks wonderful after over a year. I have accidentally put one very small scratch in it (dragged a metal item on the floor - it's only about an inch long), and I have one tiny wood sliver that chipped off (the wood failed - not the finish). Both can easily be touched up.

      The painted floor in my front porch is also old oil paint, and it's probably only been painted once or twice in the last 90 years. I'm really not worried about the paint wearing off.

      I'm not using linseed oil paint however. That's something else entirely, and it's very expensive.