Thursday, August 13, 2015

Salvaged Front Door - Update No.3

Here are a few photos of the finished door with all the antique hardware fitted and installed (except the hinges and the glass).

The knobs and plates needed stripping and cleaning. You can tell that they used to have more copper on them, but I like the weathered look that they have currently. I coated these with clear spray lacquer to try and keep them protected for as long as possible.

The Yale lock was stripped, and I believe the original paint might have been beige (which is a very unusual colour) but it was completely shot. I repainted it with a metallic bronze spray paint (masked-off the knobs). I have the matching strike plate as well.

Here's the interior side:

The key is not original, and it's not an EXACT fit, however it does work fine with the lock. Ideally it would need to be the same shape, but just a hair longer since it has trouble "throwing the bolt" all the way, and you need to rotate the key again no nudge it through to the end. I probably won't use this lock unless I want to make the door excessively secure (if I leave the house for a trip or something).

Note the original pencil lines in the wood. These were very deeply pressed into the wood, and I couldn't scrub them out. I would have needed to sand down the wood too much to remove them (the sanded area would have shown) so I left them there.

Yale lock, with original slot screws (also painted to match), and newly fitted with 3 keys.

Exterior Side:

The lock and ring around it are brass, and I love the existing patina on them.

The backplate on this side is matching, but it's a lot larger.


  1. I love the door. Well done, I know you are going to enjoy all your good work.

  2. such a lovely warmth to it, another well done addition!

  3. Beautiful! You have a gift with salvaged materials.

  4. Well hello. Just found your blog and so happy I did. Love the beautiful door restore. Fantastically clear pics as well. really nice job. My husband and I lived in a 1895 foursquare for over 20 years and then four months ago sold it and moved to a new property where we are converting a reclaimed grain bin into a small home. Now using lots of reclaimed wood for beams, joists etc...It all takes time, like your door, but the end results are worth it aren't they? Keep up the great blog I'll be back!

    1. Thanks so much, Donna! Yes it's quite rewarding. I also tend to hate a lot of cheap modern products (like the current white steel door that was put in by the last owner). I have lots more projects to do on this house, but it's coming along.

  5. Excellent job JC. Like very much this blog.

  6. Tooooooooooo stunning! CONGRATS! You are truly brilliant!

  7. I am a big believer is trying to salvage old items. I think you did a wonderful job with your door. All of the dings and pencil lines add to the appeal of your door. I am sure this door will make add to the look of your home. Great work!