Monday, August 10, 2015

Salvaged Front Door - Update No.2

The door is now finished*, with almost all the hardware installed on it. I have just one small problem now, which is hinges. The original hinges were 4" flashed copper hinges. When I salvaged the door, most of the hinges were gone. There was only the half left without the ball tips or pins.

In addition to this, I also discovered that the door stile (the vertical door member) that carries the hinges is fairly warped. There is about a 1/2" to 3/4" warp along the length of the door. The strike side of the door (opposite stile) is fine. The only way I can correct this a bit is by adding a third hinge in the centre of the door. The original door only had 2 (very heavy duty) hinges, but I don't mind adding a third.

The hinges I need would look just like these (flashed copper aka Japanned copper etc., 4 inches, 4 holes, ball tip):

If I can find hinges (I have 2 incomplete hinges missing only the ball-tip pins, and I'd need a third complete hinge) then I can build the jamb and install the door. I have the bronze weatherstripping, nails, and an antique strike plate already.

* The varnished dried much faster than anticipated, and I was able to do a full coat (both sides) in one day.


  1. I have one complete, spare 4-hole hinge set that I will never use, if you are interested in it.

    1. Sure! Send me an e-mail (jcp_15(at), and I'll arrange price/shipping with you.