Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Salvaged Front Door - Update

I did get the other side of the door stripped, and now I'm currently making small repairs, filling nail holes, and making slight modifications to the door for the hardware. More photos soon.


  1. Hello JC,
    Well, I'm up to date and I'm completely floored by your capabilities. The stairs! Is there no limits to what you can do? Your peonies, I could almost smell their perfume, the floor grate looks great, I must attend to mine. I'm jealous of your mirror - so sweet. I have the same light fixture in my guest room - lovely. That door is going to look fantastic! Enjoyed the posts on your neighbourhood. That house with the collapse front porch would be so beautiful, but stay away from that nut. I would lend you my extension ladder if your weren't living so far. It was great to catch up JC.

    1. Hey Anyes! Yes there are limits to what I can do, but not too much when it comes to building/renovating. The peonies weren't mine, but I'd love to plant some (they are one of my favourite flowers). The door will look great, but there's still a bunch of work left to do on it (drill the lock hole, plug a small 3/4" hole on the edge, make the door jamb, varnish, fit hinges, etc).

      The house with the collapsed porch is either being demolished or gutted and renovated. I haven't been by there again in a while, but I heard the news from my boss who passes on that road occasionally.