Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Not much to update lately. I recently had a few set-backs, mainly to do with the lighting, which I haven't worked on in a bit. Basically, those two lovely old round shades on the 2 socket fixture got smashed (the fixture slipped out of my hands). I was very pissed at myself for not being more careful. I REALLY liked the look of the rounded shades on that particular fixture (and even with the repro fitters it didn't look too goofy). I was even getting ready to set it up in the bathroom.

Then I tried to do work on the one for the Office. I could NOT find any kind of match using typical spray paint colours, even of I mixed 2-3 shades together, so I got a custom colour match from HD (just a cheapie 5$ sampler jar). The colour is not bad, and I could get it dead-on with a bit of stain, BUT, it's not at all durable over the brass. A light scraping with a finger nail is enough to remove it. So it's back to the drawing board for that one. I had spent a bunch of time on it to get 2 coats on it all by hand, leaving a few brass portions exposed. Bummer.

The only other "work" I did recently was to reorganize/clean the garage a bit, which included removing all the door knobs from the old (crap) doors, so that I could lean them neatly in a corner. I also started ripping up a bit of the hallway into the "L" shaped room, and I discovered the location of the original bedroom door/wall.

I have no idea why, but I was surprised to find the exact location of the old wall/door, which would have been originally a mirror match to the other (former) 2 bedrooms. The two bedrooms that are currently the Master are just a bit wider (I think it was less than a foot difference in width), so you may as well say that the house had 4 identical upstairs bedrooms, each originally having one closet and 2 windows. I also noticed that the location of the bathroom door was changed. I had noticed the unpainted portion of the floor, but never processed it until now. I plan to mark and measure the original "shadows" of the wall locations to draw-up an original floor plan for the upstairs. The only remaining mystery is the staircase area, and I have a very strong suspicion that it was just a plain rectangular open room with a railing around 3 sides of the stairs.

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  1. I have a 1918 foursquare that we are slowly remodelling. I've just discovered your blog and have been catching up on your "adventures". You might be able to find the original floor plan here: http://www.antiquehome.org/House-Plans/ I've been able to find one that almost matches mine - I'm sure they did a little tweaking!