Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trim & Floor

I got a little productive last night. I decided to FINALLY patch the MB floor board that I had decided to replace (the two 2 foot boards shown here:

I also decided to continue the trim on the upstairs staircase "doorway". I'm 3/4 done that. I reused one of the old casings to put over the door (since I needed an odd size, and I could use one of the damaged original ones (and cut it down).

I also made a new discovery about a week ago. I already mentioned that I started tearing out a bit of the floor in the L shaped room, and I found the original door opening, showing the original (square) room. BUT, I also discovered the beginning or another doorway, which seems extremely odd. This would (maybe) mean that there was a TINY room at the front of the house (the centre window) at the back of the stairs. IF this is true, the room would have been about the size of a walk-in closet at best. The room (if it was a room) would be around 5'x8'. It would basically be this tiny space if you came away from the corner wall the width of a door:

EDIT: Also, no antique toilet. I went back the following weekend, and it was nowhere to be found. They either brought it to the road early in the morning (and the garbage picked it up), or they brought it back in the house/gave it to someone.

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  1. Houses of similar vintage that I've seen sometimes have a room like that called a "sewing room.". The only requirements such a room has are that it be big enough to sit in, it must have a window for light, and a door to close and hide the mess.

    I was looking at such a house before buying mine and asked what the teeny tiny room - not even big enough to hold a small bed - could have been used for, and this was the answer. I've seen it in old home plans as well...