Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bathroom Light Fixture / MB Floors

This is some of the work I did this weekend (not much since I had a friend visiting from out of town).

I mentioned already that I patched the floors in the MB floor. They just need a quick sand to remove the putty, and then the entire floor in the MB will be ready for paint. If the weather stays decent I might paint this week. We'll see. It's already starting to be really cold, and I might need ventilation since it's a stinky oil paint.


Last week (or the week before), I fixed the heating vent in the MB floor. They had butcheredly cut a hole for a vent and it never even fit properly. Secondly, the top "boot" of the vent had come disconnected, so I scrapped that completely, and recut the hole to cover-up the botched part. I also had to patch a piece of flooring into it to make it look good. Once it's painted it won't be noticeable. It's also in a corner where I will probably end up having a night table.


I also bought a bunch of brown metal registers for the newer style vents in the house. There's 3 upstairs (2 in the L room, and one in the MB), and there's 2 on the main floor. All the other vents are either wall-mounted (bathroom and one half of the MB), or they are antique, large sized cast iron registers.

The second small job I did was the finish the bulk of the fixture for the bathroom. This involved cleaning up the top canopy (polish it a bit to make the brass match the oval pan), and also antique the new fitters (darken the brass and dull the shine) to match the oval pan. As of now, the body of the fixture is done, but none of the electrical for it is ready. I am missing ONE antique turn-key socket for the fixture. Otherwise I'd be able to rewire it and use it right now.

I decided to hang it with my two spare fancy shades just to see how it would look, and to see if it would be too low, etc. It's only about 4" over my head if I'm standing under it, so it's fine (same height as the living room fixture), but I'm a bit afraid I might whack it with my arms if I'm changing.

I'll probably swap the shades for ones that match the pan's pattern a bit better. The shades (whatever the pattern) will be frosted white to match the new sconces.



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