Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Oh and uhh... I had a bat flying around in my garage today. I'm fairly sure it found a way out, but I wasn't able to get it out the front door. Unfortunately, the garage door is partially obstructed so I can't open it all the way.

I really need to do some more weatherproofing in there soon. For one thing, there are gaps along the roof edge (where the rain gutter is), there's also a gap between the garage edge where it's "attached" to the building next door. And don't even mention the garage door, where there's like a 2" gap all the way around.



  1. Hi, JC - I could tell you some horror stories about animals getting into attics, and the expense people end up paying to get them out. One friend had a raccoon give birth to a litter in his house and ended up removing most of a wall! I've had a professional come to my place to seal and animal-proof every possible route after a fruit rat got into my place. The peace of mind was well worth it!

  2. JC and Mark, reading your bat and rodent stories. Eeeeeek!

    JC, I really like the look of your blog. Big change. NICE!!

    Mrs. D