Monday, August 01, 2011

Lighting (Reprise)

Alright, I decided to upload the two photos now, rather than wait until tomorrow.

Here are the two matching fixtures for the master bedroom. They are currently pull-chain sockets, but I *might* decide to convert them to turn-key style. If I do this, then I will have wasted about 15$ in parts that I bought to replace the two missing pull-chain sockets. :(

The fixtures are currently partially disassembled, and in need of work. If the finish is in good enough shape I'll leave it intact, but I just might have to redo a few pieces because of flaking paint, and dings in the brass (which, when corrected, tend to flake all the paint off).


And these are the shades I'll be using in the office (aka computer room). I have a set of 3, which will work nicely with the 3 shade, 3 chain fixture (posted earlier).


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