Monday, August 08, 2011

Too Cool For School

I recently learned through my Mom that my old school (one of them) was recently sold to the Wesleyan Church, and she knew someone who was a member, and apparently there were all these class photos that were "going to the garbage" and they were asking around if anyone wanted them. The lady that my mom knew is actually an old school friend of mine from waaaaaaay back (who used to live up the street from us). She took one of the photos, and I got this one:


My Mom just brought it over tonight, and I was quite happy with it for many reasons. 1: I'm in it (if you must know, look to the window on the left near the centre, then there's 3 people wearing white shirts down and diagonally to the right, and I'm the boy in a dark shirt just in front of the second "white shirt" guy. I would have been in grade 5 at the time, and this was when I was really chubby). 2: It's a whole school panorama! 3: It was free! 4: It's already beautifully (and professionally) framed and matted.

It's actually quite large too, at just under 3 feet wide.

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  1. I would have recognized you anywhere! What a great conversation piece. I have scrapbooks of my childhood, with group photos of friends and classmates, and I am fortunate enough to have retained many of the names. But nothing quite as classy as this. And of course it will only get better with age. I like the fret detail on the cabinet, too!