Thursday, August 04, 2011

Shade Holders

YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! *bounces up and down*

I must have a horseshoe stuck somewhere, because not only did I find some old shade holders, but the seller offered international shipping, AND they had *EIGHT* of them available, AND here's the kicker: they were only 2.50$ each!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! Cheaper than new ones!:



  1. JC,

    Wonderful news and great fortune for you!

    What fixtures will receive these shades, and where you plan to hang them?

    So happy for you--finding all the little jewels for your house. The treasure hunt is fun isn't it?

    Mrs. D

  2. Mrs D: These fitters will go on the fixture shown in the previous post (with the 3 frosted shades), 4 other shade holders will go on the 4 shade fixture (the one that was hanging next to it in the basement). That leaves me with one spare, but I'd actually need just one more to complete the last incomplete fixture (the two shade one with the oval pan).

  3. Congratulations — you manifest well!