Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floors, Paint, and Lighting

Alright, just a few random things to share. First, the progress on the MB (that's Master Bedroom BTW) floor. So far I have the entire south room, and the centre where the closets used to be, filled and sanded, and I just finished puttying the other (north) half of the room this morning. I have just the closet left, but I'm out of filler.


Sanding the putty is made quite easy by simply scraping off the bulk of it flush with the floor with a scraper tool, and then giving it just a very quick pass with sand paper to smooth it. I should have this done by tonight if it's dry enough by later today.

Second: I've already had a couple of people who have asked me about the colour I used in the master bedroom. I will admit that it's not the colour I originally wanted, but it has grown on me and I quite like it. Depending on the light, it can look either blue, grey, or green. The colour I liked was originally the display colour from a bathroom at Rona. I asked what colour they used, and it was their ECO recycled paint in the "ocean" colour. BUT, the colour on the wall did not match their colour swatch since every can can vary slightly. So I got them to match the wall colour to an actual paint swatch, which was "Great Grey Whale". From that, I matched the paint chip over at Home Depot so I could use their "Behr Premium Plus Ultra" Paint and Primer in one. I used it on the bathroom, and I love the paint. Smells mild, goes on very smoothly and richly, and covers completely in 2 coats. It's not cheap at nearly 50$/can but I think it's better to use a good wall paint. I balanced out the cost by using a cheaper white trim paint.

All this to say: if you want to try out this paint, this is the recipe for it (if you're using Home Depot). If you decide to use it, or sample it, please let me know!


Third: The lovely Mrs. D has asked me to post the recently received lot of shade holders from eBay. I am 100% convinced that they are unused "New Old Stock", meaning that they are genuine antique parts, but they were never used on a fixture. The paint on them is a match to some of my other fixtures, but it's not worn or dirty, and it's much brighter/cleaner than all the others (as you'll see below).

I mounted them to the two main fixtures that need them, and I plan to paint the pans and canopies (in a 2-tone brass and copper-look effect) to match the shade holders.


You can see the colour difference between the shade holders here. Both are old, but the one on the left is one from one of my fixtures, and the one on the right is from the lot on eBay. The one on the left (under the dirt, which is too hard to remove and is also partially faded, it's the same colour).


The fixture that's in the living room also used to be the same copper colour, but I wanted to match the aged paint, so I didn't restore it to the copper colour. The final colour for that one was a dulled brown. But, if you recall this photo, the original copper was still visible under the cast brass arms:


To match the newer copper colour I'll need to grab one or two other shades of copper spray paints.

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