Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finished Settee (Before & After)

Man oh man have I been lazy when it comes to posting things lately.

The antique settee (the loveseat) has been finished, and home since the 17th, and I haven't even shared it with you guys yet! :(

I will be posting the full transformation, start-to-finish from the fabric selection, to the frame repair, and upholstery steps shortly, but for now, here's just the before and after.



Some final thoughts on the project, after having had it for 2 weeks now:

- I find that the difference in the "feel" of the restored sofa is incredible. I've had the sofa since October, I think, and I've been using it since then, and although it wasn't very comfortable, it wasn't too bad. But the main problem with the seat was the busted spring ties, which gave it a lumpy and uneven feel. Now that it's fixed, the sofa is quite nice to sit on. The pillows also add a nice layer of soft padding (because I sit in the sofa at a bit of an angle to watch TV), and I'm very happy with it.

- The fabric is much more lime green and teal than hunter green and gold (which is what I had expected based on the sample) but it still works with the room. The print is also a bit more crazy (or fun depending on your take) than I had expected, but I'm alright with it. I also find that it's a LOT of green in the room now. Pierre offered me a small ottoman, and I had thought of doing it in a matching green, but NO WAY. No more green in this room.

- Having worked on the settee from start to finish, I couldn't help but feel incredibly sad for it. It's been around for probably close to 100 years, and it's almost NEVER been properly upholstered or cared for by anyone who's worked on it since it was new. It had very good quality stuffing, good springs, and a sturdy frame, but without proper upholstery, it was just an awful uncomfortable mess, and I'm sure it was never the best-loved piece of furniture. That said, it still seems to have had a lot of use, and it was enjoyed enough to have lasted this long, and "worth the cost" of having been (poorly) redone at least 4 or 5 times by previous owners.

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  1. Felicidades JC, has hecho tanto tu como Pierre un trabajo de tapizado excelente, la tela elegida es ideal, tanto de calidad como de duración, asi como de armonía con tu sala de estar, saludos Valentín.