Sunday, January 29, 2017

Victorian Farmhouse Part 24 - PAINT!

As mentioned previously, Pierre and Angie didn't take photos immediately after painting, so these are some that I took on my next visit after they had moved in some stuff.

All the mouldings in the house will be painted in this shade of greyish-taupe. Because it's a colour that will be in every single room, it took us a LONG TIME to pick it out. Picking a shade of grey might not seem like a big deal, but it's incredibly difficult. Most shades of grey lean towards a certain colour. Many were too blue, too brown, or too red. In the end I'm really glad that Angie took her time and bought several samples, because the shade she picked out looks great!

Here's the first shot of the living room. The walls in here are white (or off white), with the standard grey trim. Note that the crown mouldings are a very pale grey to make them stand out a bit.



The exterior door was also eventually painted the same trim colour. You'll see it in a later post. Likewise all the antique windows will need to be restored, and they will eventually be painted the same grey on the interior.


The living room ceiling turned out great!


Doorway into the kitchen:







The office got a dramatic burgundy shade. Pierre and Angie wanted a dark colour for this room so that they wouldn't see the walls of the room as much while they watch TV (the TV will be in front of the narrow dividing wall). It is much less pinkish in real life than what the camera picked up. It actually leans more to a dark wine red with a touch of purple.



It's amazing how much difference you can make with just a bit of prep work, crack filling with DAP, and fresh paint. These mouldings almost look new, but they're the originals and they have many layers of paint on them.


The ceiling is far from perfect but the fresh paint makes a big difference there too.


The main hallway is not painted yet. Neither is the upstairs. These are the brand new mouldings (compare with the originals above).



  1. That looks great! I really like the color on the millwork. It's refreshing to see painted trim that isn't just plain white.

    Any idea what color the millwork was originally painted? Assuming it was painted originally, but I think that's a safe guess with this house.

    1. It's hard to say for sure because there were many layers of paint. It was white, cream, and olive green, and not all rooms were the same colours. The hallway ones were light blue recently. There was also dark red (crimson) on the staircase at one point. Floors were also a mix of colours including olive green, orange, yellow, brown, grey etc.

  2. Wow, it's looking great. All the hard work is paying off! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Beautiful! Everyone's hard work has really paid off!

  4. I hope they'll still be happy with that grey a few years down the road!

    We inherited a similar shade of grey when my parents rented another apartment as an office and everyone in the family HATED it especially since it's all yellowed with age. Back then they just kept it but now they asked me to help fix up the place and I'm repainting everything to get rid of the grey.

    1. We went through dozens of shades of grey, actually. I quite like the shade they picked. It's only paint, though, and it's a fairly small house. I think it suits the house.