Thursday, June 07, 2012

Starting The Vanity

We started working on a kitchen the other day at work. While my coworker was taking some maple boards down, I spotted one that was just simply amazing. The co-op student also pointed it out, and I decided that I'd set it aside and buy it for my own projects. There were also another 2 similar boards and I set those aside as well.

I decided that I'd use these for the vanity (and keep the rest for some other project). The wood is special because it's a few highly figured boards with a mix of burl, waves, curls and maybe even a bit of bird's eye. Basically, the wood is insanely busy and curly looking.

I was thinking of posting a link to similar photos, but I'm going into work tomorrow (on a day off) to build most of it, and I'll just take some photos then, so stay tuned!

Basically, I want fancy triple-panel doors on the front, and a single flat panel on the side (only one side will be showing the other will be against the wall).

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